The basis of the agenda

What can you do with the agenda

With the agenda you can easily keep track of your lessons and see where you need to be at your next appointment.

A few basic features

The calendar overview

You can easily go through the agenda by clicking on the mini agenda next to it. In addition, you can also just use the arrows next to the date above the calendar.

By pressing the "Today" button you can easily return to the current week.

The "Schedule Lesson" button can be used to schedule a lesson in the current week.

To the left of the selection field "Week" you can change the display of the agenda.

The light purple part shows what day it is today.

Schedule your first lesson

Schedule a lesson

After pressing the Schedule lesson button, a form will appear. You can easily choose which category and also the typing here.

In addition, the date and time and the number of hours appear.

Students who are currently active appear in the student field. If you want to add more students you can click on the plus sign next to the field. This can be useful if, for example, you give theory lessons or if you give driving lessons to several students at the same time.

The pick-up location is automatically set to the student's address. Of course you can also select another address.

By clicking on the button next to the pick-up location. Here you can write a text instead of an address. (For example in the parking lot at the gym)

Editing a lesson

You can click on an event to see more information. Do you want to edit the event? Press the round button and the form will appear.

View and edit a lesson

Editing the event.

View and edit a lesson