The basics of finance

Your finances must be in order. PlanPine makes it all a lot easier.

Create invoice draft

A draft can be created by going to a student's or organization's finances.

With a student

To create a draft, the items that apply to the invoice are first selected. Then there is clicked on create a draft invoice. The selected items are automatically added as invoice lines.

Custom invoice rules

As an option, custom invoice lines can be added. The name, price, quantity, tax percentage can be chosen by yourself.

Split invoice concept

It sometimes happens that a concept has to be split into several concepts. By splitting a concept go to the concerning concept and click on the three dots in the top right and then on split.

Split concept example

On the concept below, the old concept is split into two partial invoices. Auto TTT is added to concept 1 and Exam CBR (Car) to concept 2. Subsequently, the partial invoices are sent by e-mail. On December 2 and December 16, 2021 respectively.

Split Draft

Send invoice draft

A draft can be sent or marked so that it becomes an official invoice. The invoice will receive the status sent. The difference between marking and sending is that when marking no invoice is sent but it does receive the status sent. The invoice can always be sent later.

By sending a draft, go to the relevant draft and click on send invoice at the top right. The option becomes given to send the invoice now or to send it on a specific date. The future invoice number is filled in automatically.

Send invoice by date

Billing status

An invoice can have different statuses. Below are the invoice statuses.

SentInvoice has been sent or marked as sent.
ExpiredInvoice has expired. This means that the maximum date of payment has been exceeded.
CanceledAlso declared null and void. Used when the invoice is not formatted correctly. Customers cannot pay for an invalid invoice.
Credit invoiceThe credit note of the credit.
CreditedInvoice on which the credit invoice is based.
SatisfiedInvoice has been paid and paid in full.

Create credit invoice

Sometimes it may happen that a correction has to be made of an invoice that has already been sent. An invoice can be reversed by create a credit invoice. Also known as credit note.

To create a credit invoice, go to the relevant invoice. Then click on the three dots at the top right and then credit invoice. After creating a credit note, the invoice on which the credit note is based gets the status credited.

A credit invoice can only be created if it has the status sent or expired.

Register payment

A payment can be registered via the relevant invoice or by going to paymentsopen in new window to go. After pressing the add payment button, a form will open.

The following information must be entered:

  • Date and time of payment,
  • customer with relevant invoice,
  • amount paid,
  • payment method (optional)

Register a payment

Date, time and payment number are automatically filled in.


Payments from customers can be automatically registered as a payment provider (Mollieopen in new window or Stripeopen in new window) is linked.